Aret Zelli

Innovation accelerator

R&D | Supply chain and logistics

Tree of Water and Power installation. 2023, AZ, Joshua Tree, California ©Aret Zelli

2023 | Joshua Tree, Fractal PV mounting tree

Aret Zelli working at the lab/lamp factory. 2021, photo by MST, San Gabriel, California

2021 | San Gabriel, Lab. photo by MST

Blackened wood and glass house. 2019, Joshua Tree, California

2019 | Joshua Tree, Modular building

Aret Zelli yoga chair pose in Angeles Forest 2016. Self portrait

2016 | Angeles Forest, Chair pose

I love the Earth, I work in design and build, and practice yoga. A dedicated entrepreneur of change for the betterment of society and the well-being of all life on Earth. I've worked as an executive in operations, business development for the world's largest logistics firm, and multiple grassroots startups. Now I dedicate my time to making positive impacts by applying my experience to build businesses that leave a legacy of a cleaner planet.
Aret Zelli

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